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International Women’s Day - Let’s Break the Cultural Taboo at Work

atMenopause came to life around the philosophy of breaking the ‘stigma’ of menopause and the ‘cultural taboo’ that surrounds menopause. March marks the month for women, with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day both falling this month, it becomes even more imperative for women to live in a world free of stereotypes and discrimination. To gain a momentum of equality and keep it going, it has become increasingly important for women in their workplace to feel comfortable enough to be vocal about their situation and also be understood in return.

According to the World Economic Forum’s report on Global Gender Gap in 2021, Another generation of women will have to wait for gender parity, this impact is due to COVID-19, the global gender gap has increased by a generation from 99.5 years to 135.6 years as the pandemic hit female-oriented industries like consumer sectors, media, non-profit organizations and more. This gender parity will continue to affect women in educational attainments, political empowerment, and economic participation.

So why the sudden emphasis on dismissing the cultural taboo from menopause? Why might some men in your workplace feel that it really isn’t such a big deal? According to figures from the Office for National Statics Labour Force Survey (Q2 2021), women in menopause (years 45 - 54) make up 11 % of all people in employment and 23% of all women in employment equating to 3.5 million women. For this reason, it has become important now and then ever before to break the cultural taboo at your workplace.

Here are a few points on how we can incorporate a positive work culture for women with menopause to work freely and efficiently.

Educating the workforce

Educating about menopause is not only relevant for men but also for women of all age groups in the workforce. Menopause is a phase in a woman's life that can greatly affect her emotionally and mentally and the more the people in your workforce know about it the more acceptance comes in place making it easier to work.

Encourage open dialogues

Everyone at your workplace needs to feel empowered to speak up and speak freely about any issues of any nature. An open dialogue policy is a very good way of incorporating a positive work culture.

Menopause workplace policy

This policy is a menopause guide document that will help co-workers, managers, and leaders understand all the aspects of menopause and how to address any issue relating to menopause if needed.

Creating a stable environment

Simple provisions like table fans, washroom facilities, or taking a break as a few factors that provide temporary relief at the workplace. Apart from this stress is a trigger for menopause symptoms.

Arising self-awareness

Before expecting anyone else to understand menopause, self-awareness is necessary. Self-awareness includes not only understanding menopause but also includes managing menopause. Menopause may be managed by introducing herbal supplements, like Remifemin, to manage menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sleeplessness, and more. Supportive supplements during menopause include Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin B, and also Iron. You can easily navigate to FITAMINAT and get yourself the best supplements to fill the gaps in your nutritional needs. Apart from supplements, alternative therapies like meditation also help in managing menopause symptoms. Therefore self-awareness is paramount during menopause.

Let's all join together this Women's month of March and hold hands in supporting women with menopause at their workplace. Women with menopause are an integral part of the workplace, so let together remove the cultural taboo of menopause from the workplace.


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