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Self Test - Perimenopause and Menopause

Hormone fluctuations through the age of women are an integral part of their lives, from puberty to menopause. In order to be better aware of your physical wellbeing, it’s important to know if you are already on the menopause roller coaster ride. Here is a small test that will help you analyze where you stand on the menopause scale.

1) Was your last menstrual cycle 12 months ago?
2) Lately, do you feel exhausted or overloaded rapidly?
3) Do you suffer from a lack of concentration or forgetfulness?
4) Are you increasingly irritable, feel tense or nervous for no apparent reason?
5) Do you suffer from previously unknown depressive upsets such as discouragement, sadness, depression or apathy?
6) Do you feel changes in your monthly cycle, such as irregular, unusually strong or minor bleeding?
7) Do you recently have difficulties in falling asleep or sleeping through the night?
8) Do you experience suddenly occurring sweats or hot flushes?
9) Do you experience weight gain without changing your eating habits?
10) Does your skin become drier without any external cause?
11) Are you suddenly suffering from cardiac disorders such as e.g. sudden heart palpitations?
12) Do you feel pain in your joints and muscles, e.g. rheumatoid - like symptoms that you did not know before?
13) Do you have urinary problems such as painful urination, urinary frequency or involuntary loss of urine?
14) Are you plagued by diffuse fears, anxiety, or even panic - with no apparent cause?

If you are a female over 40 years old and have answered “Yes” to 4 of the above questions, then you need to consult a physician as you may be transitioning into menopause.

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