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Men and Menopause - A Man's Guide to Understanding Menopause

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

FINALLY! A guide for the men in our lives. I have met so many women going through menopause without even knowing what hit them. If the women going through it can be so clueless don't even get me started with the men.

Women in their menopause or perimenopause, go through a lot physically and emotionally because their menstrual cycle stops. No more menstruation. At this point, there is a major hormonal shift in the body and due to this they have mood swings, hot flashes, sleeplessness, bloating, and weight gain to mention a few. To keep yourself abreast of your wife, mother, sister or even friends' situation here is your guide. I personally call it the ‘Menopause Survival Guide for Men’ but I don’t want to scare you, not just yet! Just kidding! Relax and read, empathize and live with Menopause.

Dear Men, Here’s how you make peace with menopause

  • It's a Long Haul - The shift from perimenopause to menopause and then to post-menopause can be unpredictable and is long. The roller coaster ride begins with perimenopause and ends at post-menopause so be prepared for a lot of emotional ups and downs. Apart from that, there may be a lot of changes in behavior and lack of intimacy as well. It's important to know that it's absolutely normal and there is always a way around it. Understand her emotions and then work on making it easier for her and for yourself.

  • Handling Menopause Symptoms - The key to handling mood swings is being flexible and accommodating. If she cries looking at a cute puppy that reminds her of her puppy from childhood, lend her a shoulder to cry on and let it pass. If she reduces the air conditioner thermostat down a few notches to almost freezing, “Bundle up under a blanket if you have to,” says Grace Gibbs, DO, an ob-gyn with Charlotte Women’s Health in Lansing, Mich. Always remember to be flexible, as she would be for you if you were going through a hormonal shift.

  • Get Healthy Together - Exercising and eating healthy with your partner will get you healthy and also help her with her mood swings and hot flashes. Work out together and get healthy nutritional supplements like Kiva Chia Seeds, Kiva Acai Powder, and Vitamin D from FITAMINAT for healthy menopause and smooth transitions.

  • Talk to Her - Many men are uncomfortable talking about menopause, but it's essential to talk to her and even ask questions. Talking would help you analyse what exactly could be the probable reason for her not to sleep, or burst out in tears. It's essential to talk and be vocal and also let her know that you are.

  • Be Romantic - Embrace intimacy, a woman wants to be loved and desired menopause or not. Don’t feel that menopause is your queue to exit romance, in fact, it's your queue to up your game a bit and swipes her off her feet with a surprise. A beautiful rose quartz necklace like Giada will make her not only feel special but also boost her confidence and brighten up her mood. The Giada pendant is a rose quartz perfume bottle as well which can carry a scent that calms her like chamomile or lavender throughout the day.

Well here is my guide for men to understand menopause, that's right understand menopause and be at peace.


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