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Diabetes in Menopause - 4 Tips for Managing Menopause with Type 2 Diabetes

Updated: May 19, 2022

For some women, Menopause and Diabetes can go hand in hand, mostly because hormones that play a vital role in insulin regulation and a decline in age results in diabetes during menopause. The levels and estrogen and progesterone go haywire during the transition to menopause due to which the level of blood sugar also goes haywire this uncontrolled blood sugar complications associated with diabetes also arise like vision loss and nerve damage leading to numbness and tingling.

Here is a diagram that shows how insulin resistance leads to several symptoms of menopause which is also prevalent in diabetes

Here are 4 Tips for Managing Menopause with Type 2 Diabetes

Lifestyles Tips

The most important factor to consider here is to keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels. Charting and keeping a track helps your doctor to assess and helps you to maintain healthy blood sugar.

Eating well and working out can break this symphony of symptoms of Menopause and Diabetes. Only 30 minutes of working out can prevent weight gain and also manage diabetes. Healthy eating habits also can help alleviate the symptoms. Include fruits with a low glycemic index, vegetables, and whole grains like Kiva Chia Seeds.

Heart Health Tips

Since diabetes and menopause are in play it causes a direct effect on the circulatory system imposing heart-related problems. It is important to keep heart health in check with a few lifestyle modifications. Studies have shown that Omega 3 keeps heart health in check and hence Bioglan Red Krill Capsules, Bioglan Calamari Gold, and Bioglan Super Fish Capsules have a positive effect on heart health.

Non-Hormone Replacement Therapy or Hormone Replacement Therapy Tips

Research finds that HRT improves insulin sensitivity apart from working towards managing symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, and more.

Non-Hormone Replacement Therapy like Remifemin which contains Cimifugae Racemosa also helps in controlling the symptoms of menopause like night sweets and hot flashes.

Urinary Tract Health Tips

Due to high blood sugar, the chances and recurrence of UTIs are high since diabetes creates a favorable environment for bacteria that causes UTIs. The drop in estrogen further increases the risk of infection.

Be watchful of any symptoms that may lead to UTIs. The Hey Girl D-Mannose capsules are a combination of cranberry, hibiscus, and dandelion. A study conducted in 2016 shows that D-Mannose in fact improved the symptoms of UTI in 43 women with active UTIs.

It's important to be mindful of your symptoms during menopause especially when it's coupled with diabetes. Having said that it's not impossible to control both of them, with a few changes you can go a long way with Menopause and Diabetes.


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