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4 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds in Postmenopause

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Even though I feel not too much is spoken about menopause, we need to remember that there is a postmenopausal age as well and women in their postmenopause have a whole line of health issues. So what happens in postmenopause, when you have lived through the hot flashes, the mood swings, the night sweats, and the moment you emerge out as the menopause warrior, comes the postmenopause health issues like osteoporosis and heart diseases. Postmenopause like any battle's aftermath has only to recover from the battles, in this case, the battle of menopause.

Evident bone loss and heart health issues arise during postmenopause and it becomes a priority to look after these health concerns before it's too late.

Here comes Chia to save the day! A bit dramatic? I don’t think so, because a new study by the Univerity of North Carolina and Appalachian Start shows that post menopausal women were supplemented with 2 TBS of chia seeds for 7 weeks. This resulted in the increase of ALA levels by 138% and EPA levels by 30%.

Does the ‘buck stop here? Interestingly No, Apart from a healthy heart there are many other positives the chia seeds carry, Below are a few songs I have written for the unsung hero called ‘Chia’

  1. Increases Omega 3 - Apart from a healthy heart, vision, and brain health. Omega 3 reduces the symptoms of major depressive disorders which is a part and parcel of hormonal fluctuations.

  2. Maintains Bone Health - Did you know that an ounce of chia contains 5 times more calcium than found in milk? So if you have lactose intolerance and are looking for a calcium replacement, chia seeds are your answer. Apart from calcium, it has phosphorus, magnesium, and protein which also strengthen the bones.

  3. Maintain Good Skin - Dryness and Itchiness that has started from menopause painfully continues through postmenopause. Research shows that the healthy fats present in Chia Seeds prevent water loss from the skin improving the skin's hydration. It is also rich in Vitamin E which controls the formations of wrinkles and fine lines.

  4. Beneficial in Diabetes - Research shows that Chia seeds maintain blood glucose levels when reducing the risk of diabetes as well as helping with weight loss.

The list doesn’t only stop with these, Chia is high in fibers and antioxidants as well. All these researches support the benefits of Chia Seeds. My inclination has always been towards the more natural approach to a health issue, the main reason I believe in natural remedies like Remifemin is these remedies put very less or almost no load on the liver, and chia seeds are one of the treasures of nature that may build a strong health system for women going through menopause or in the postmenopause stage. Chia Seeds qualify to be called nutraceuticals which define a functional food with not only nutritional benefits but also well-researched and backed up health benefits.


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