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Menopause in Ramadan - Your Ramadan Guide During Menopause

There is a different kind of vibe during Ramadan. The kind that makes you want to fast, pray, and do charity which otherwise also you may do but during Ramadan, it gets to another level. However, many women going through menopause are in a fix on whether they will be able to fast or not. Many have questions like will it affect my health? Will it increase my symptoms? I will try to answer as many doubts as possible through this blog.

First, let's talk about the benefits of fasting. Along with the religious aspects, fasting may have benefits, especially during menopause.

  • Fasting during Ramadan is a lot like intermittent fasting or time-restricted fasting where you can eat only during a specific time in a specific time frame. Research shows that fasting promotes weight loss amongst women along with several other health factors.

  • Studies have shown that fasting, improves insulin resistance hence improving blood sugar levels.

  • Research has also shown that fasting may improve heart health by controlling blood pressure.

  • Fasting has also been associated with improved mental health hence lowering mood swings and depression during menopause.

All these benefits come along with the blessings of Ramadan. However, there are triggers hidden in the food we eat which should be avoided at iftar, suhoor, and the time between them. Below are the foods which should be avoided to keep the symptoms of menopause away

Food No. 1 - Caffeine

Food No. 2 - Fried Food

Food No. 3 - High Carbohydrates and Sugary Food

Food No. 4 - High Salt Food

Food No. 5 - Processed Meats

Food No. 6 - Carbonated Drinks

Now the question comes what foods should be included during these times that will keep you healthy and also avoid bloating and digestive problems during menopause in Ramadan.

  1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Including fresh fruits like apples, banana, berries, dates, and grapes help in restoring energy as well as increasing the fiber content. Give it an extra boost by making a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie with Bioglan Superberries.

  2. High Fiber Carbohydrates - Have a bowl of oatmeal during suhoor to add fiber and give it an extra fiber boost by topping it with Chia Seeds.

  3. Manuka Honey - Mix it with yogurt, spread it over a multigrain toast, or top it off on fruits. Manuka Honey has several benefits apart from Immunity, it reduces bloating and is also helpful for dry skin during menopause.

  4. Organic Meats and Fish - Choose organic to keep the nasties away from your diet, it helps keep your system clean.

Apart from these tips, remember to take your supplements. Medication times for supplements, HRT, or Natural Menopause Supplements may be adjusted after consulting with your physician. Please consult your doctor on fasting if you have conditions like diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc. I am extremely excited about Ramadan, so let's prepare for Ramadan with zeal and enthusiasm by keeping intact your health and wellness.

Ramadan Kareem.


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