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Holiday Destinations for Menopause

Women in Menopause are going through a lot to overcome hot flashes, mood swings, and sleeplessness, which makes them a bit not quite themselves. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a gradual process that can prove tedious for every woman. What better way than to take some time off these summer holidays and take the help of health specialists that can manage menopause in a healthy, natural way. So pack your bags and head to these destinations to get a clear understanding as well as professionals imparting knowledge of managing and living with menopause.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is pivotal in managing menopause symptoms. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through changes in diet, exercise, and supplementations. FITAMINAT provides supplements that are natural like Remifemin which can help reduce hot flashes. Other supplements essential in menopause like Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C are also available to support menopause.

Here are 4 destinations that will make your summer holidays worth your while.

This program helps women suffering from menopause symptoms and work on lowering stress and live a healthier and happier life. It is a program panned 6 days, providing therapeutic yoga sessions, glowing floe massages, and several bodywork techniques to release emotional blocks and anxiety.

A 12-day retreat is formulated to reduce inflammation in the body, increase energy and enhance the immune system which may prevent chronic diseases. With the inclusion of holistic nutritious food, there are fitness sessions and treatments that are perfect to restart yours during menopause.

Yoga can do wonders in managing your menopause and what better way to do it than at the foothills of the beautiful Himalayas. Pick your days and learn the best practices in Yoga that will help alleviate symptoms like stress, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Maintaining an ideal weight is essential during menopause as it can help reduce the symptoms of menopause. The structured program is designed to help you identify the physical imbalance associated with mental and emotional patterns. Pick your ideal program and get the perfect diet and treatments like lymphatic massage and traditional Chinese medicines to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your bags and give yourself the treat you truly deserve this summer.

Bon Voyage!


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