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Menopause at work!

Today’s blog is a very important blog because it’s not only for women going through menopause at the workplace but it is also for men who are working with women who are going through menopause as well?

In 2019, the number of employed females in the United Arab Emirates was about 521 thousand (Source – The fun fact is that Menopausal women are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace. There is no surprise in the fact that menopause is not addressed openly at the workplace. Many women experience that their symptoms have a negative impact on their job performances, and this leads to a lack of confidence.

The fact of the matter is, companies should be able to recognize, support, and even facilitate open conversations about menopause at the workplace. Menopause shouldn’t be treated as a taboo, women need to build up the confidence to be able to talk about it and address their issues, especially if it is getting in their way of work.

Managing Menopause at Work

The main question now is that how women manage menopause at work, because well you can’t leave menopause at home when you come to work. So what do you do, how do you go about it. Here is how

Talk about it

The majority of women I have known have all preferred keeping their symptoms to themselves and dealing with them themselves, however, will never help you manage these symptoms, especially at work. It is important to talk to a doctor or a gynecologist and take their advice on how to manage a hot flash in the middle of an important board meeting because believe me but it can happen.

Take control of your triggers

Almost all the symptoms of menopause can be managed by altering a few habits that might trigger them. I have always emphasized the fact that a good diet, regular exercise, and altering a few lifestyle habits are very beneficial to manage menopause symptoms. Apart from these, the following factors also help

  • Quit smoking

  • Reduce caffeine consumption

  • Supplement your diet with Calcium, Vitamin D (Vitabalans D Max and Iron (Ferrodan)

  • Reduce stress with meditation and yoga

  • Explore hormone replacement therapy, my personal preference is the herbal ones like Remifemin.

Talk to your seniors and co-workers

It may be embarrassing to broach the subject of menopause with your co-workers or your seniors. However, if your symptoms come in the way of your work then it’s better to be transparent about your symptoms. Irrespective of their gender, it is important to convey the way you are and the way you feel to them, the likelihood is they will be willing to listen and help and provide support.

It’s important to always be transparent about your situation with your co-workers for their support and for their consideration. Women are as ever-evolving as mother nature itself; menopause is a part of that beauty. Accept it! And make others realize the same. Until next week, stay balanced and beautiful!


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