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Eid Gift Guide - For Women with Menopause

With almost 10 days left for Eid, it's time to pick gifts for your loved ones. Whether or not the transition to menopause is smooth, it's always tricky to pick the perfect gift for someone going through it. With all the rush of Eid, the shopping, the menu, the hot flashes, and the mood swings, it is good to get a well-thought-out Eid gift. Here is a quick guide to buying the perfect eid present for someone going through perimenopause or menopause.

1. Skin Care - Eid Gift Guide for the Menopausal Skin

For a woman going through menopause, unpleasant skin changes like wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness are common. It's important to pick skincare products that do not contain any harsh chemicals like the Adler Cream Gel 11. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for long periods, then couple it with the Giada Rose Quartz Face Roller to roll away the fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Nutritional Care - Eid Gift Guide for Menopausal Nutritional Care

During Eid, nutrition becomes hard to manage with eating lots of sweets, and high-fat foods, and of course, the frequency of meals becomes. An Eid Hamper containing healthy foods like Kiva Organic Chia, Bioglan Superberries, Kiva Stevia for the desserts, and Kiva Maca will help with the Eid detoxification after Eid and also help maintain a healthy weight.

3. Health Care - Eid Gift Guide for Menopause Health

We all know with the erratic Eid schedule and the rich food, an episode of a hot flash or a mood swing is in store. What better than adding a Remifemin to the Health Care gift basket. Studies show that Remifemin is a natural supplement that subsides menopause symptoms like hot flashes. Apart from this add Vitabalans Dmax 4000 IU, Vitabalans FerrolFol C, and Vitabalans BMax to cover all aspects of health during menopause.

Apart from the above-mentioned gift packs, you may also add a cooling scarf, for the hot flash pillow even a cooling spray to complete the gift hampers. I always recommend consulting a physician before adding any supplements so consult, shop and have an amazing EID.

Happy Eid Shopping!

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