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When Life Gives you Lemons

It’s the month of May, and we already feel the mercury rising. UAE summers are known to peak in July and August. So, we are here to face the heat much in advance. Melting, wilting, or roasting- whatever you may name it, it just feels like an oven out there.

As the dry drafts of hot summer waves approach us, we humans are always drawn towards water since time is immortal. We are drawn to all types of water bodies, be it pools in fancy resorts, or dip at night at open beaches, or a kayak ride in Hatta lakes, or rivers and oceans. We are just attracted to anything that may liberate us from the scorching heat. Water is integral to us. 70% of our bodies are made of water and I guess, hence the fascination.

As I think about the heat, I cannot imagine what a menopausal friend would go through when she suffers from hot flushes (internal heat) simultaneously with the heat wave (external heat). The solution to this should be something to not just quench her thirst but also help her with her menopausal symptoms.

Back home, we have loads of traditional summer coolers, which not only replenish the lost salts due to excessive sweating, but also create a cooling effect in body and aid digestion.

So here is a list of my traditional knowledge passed on via my grand mom to mom and then to me.

  1. Shikanji- Humble lemonade with hint of black pepper and rock salthelps reload the lost salts with excessive dripping.

  2. Kokum sharbat/ Juice: a traditional drink, rich in vitamin A,B,C and minerals which helps relieve body heat. It also keeps a watch on heart health.

  3. Buttermilk/ chaas/ mattha/ taak: High in calcium goodness and low in fats, this salty flavored drink balances the body temperature. It also aids digestion with help of healthy bacteria

  4. Sol kadhi: The coastal region of India relishes this coconut milkbased gingery flavored appetizer cum coolant. It could easily give the good’ol pinacolada the run for its money, anyday.

  5. Jal jeera: a great mix of cumin, lemon, mint, rock salt, chaat masala and tamarind is a refreshing as well as makes digestion smooth.

  6. Aam panna: the goodness of raw mango converted into a hydrating sweet-sour drink relieves heat exhaustion

Our family has used them time and again and never failed the purpose. I am sure there are many more such traditional beverages which I may not be aware of. So if you have some family-style recipes, please do help me expand my list. Until then my dear readers, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.


About the blogger: Dr. Tabassum Inamdar is a dynamic Homeopath, a passionate artist, and an adventurer in life. From Medical corporate to Academics, she has balanced her left brain and right brain with equal passion for Art. She writes a series of blogs “No pause at Menopause” in collaboration with A sketch artist since childhood, she is enchanted by theatre and writing. She is a regular theatre performer in Dubai. She continues life’s adventure by trekking, Sky diving or Marshalling at Formula 1 tracks. You may stalk her @doctabu (IG) or say hello @tabu.inamdar (FB)

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