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The Blues of Andropause

Blue is:

Cool spring day when outside you play

Looks like the bright star on a summer day

Beautiful Swan gliding in a lake

Sweet blueberries for the delicious cake

Smells like freshly bloomed flowers

Sounds like light rain you could watch for hours

Feels like a cool breeze brushing through my hair

Making it bright and colorful, when in despair

Blue is such a beautiful color but is often associated with melancholy and despair. We, humans, are funny to associate colors based on gender. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Heard of gender reveal parties and baby showers? The plot is laid much ahead of our birth.

Everything boys do- their toys, their clothes, their superheroes- are all designed in BLUE. The fascination increases with age- - the cars they own, the iconic bird of social media they send trending tweets on, the films they watch, and the pills they take- all BLUE. (chuckles).

Sorry, no offense. Stereotypes - boys don’t cry, they must be brave, they lack life skills like cooking and cleaning

In the age of equality, a significant talk happens around women's health, but no one is raising talks about Men’s health. November A.K.A “MOVEMBER”- a whole month dedicated to Men’s health but no buzz. Most people aren’t even aware. Funny but true story- I tried to search for a GIF on one social media platform for International Men’s Day (19th November). I was shocked to see the search results- “Saturday”, “weak men fear strong women”, etc. Such discrimination. Show some compassion. These men are none but fathers, brothers, sons, or significant others.

The equivalent of Menopause is Andropause. Aging affects men differently, so it has to be the approach. A few factors like hormonal changes, heart health, and Prostate health are central. After the age of 40, testosterone levels start to decline, and the

symptoms associated with andropause begin to be obvious. Andropause changes are very slow and do not lead to infertility, unlike in women at menopause.

Some symptoms associated with low testosterone levels include:

  • Low sex drive

  • Fatigue

  • Reduced muscle mass

  • Irritability and mood swings

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Depression and lack of concentration

A regular check of bone density, Hemoglobin, and heart parameters (like B.P. and cholesterol) and screening for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) become important too.

Mental health is equally vital. The statistics are shocking. Women are twice likely to share mental health concerns compared to men, but men are twice likely to commit suicide as compared to women. Anxiety, depression, panic, and eating disorder- men go through it all but the stigma around seeking help from psychologists stops them.

Andropause, aging, and mental health can seem overwhelming, so approach them holistically:

  • Eat a balanced diet, rich in essential vitamins and nutrients

  • Get regular physical activity

  • Get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep

  • Manage your stress levels and communicate - A good way to manage stress is through meditation, exercise as well as natural medication like Calmvalera. Calmvalera is a combination of 9 natural ingredients that may help in managing stress and making it easy to manage this transition as well.

Seek help when you need it. Trust me, it doesn’t make you look less of a MAN. Instead, a man who knows his issues and accepts them with grace- I say that’s a huge turn-on. (wink). So, Cheers to Movember.

About the blogger:

Dr. Tabassum Inamdar is a dynamic Homeopath, a passionate artist, and an adventurer in life. From Medical corporate to Academics, she has balanced her left brain and right brain with equal passion for Art. She writes a series of blogs “No pause at Menopause” in collaboration with A

sketch artist since childhood, she is enchanted by theatre and writing. She is a regular theatre performer in Dubai. She continues life’s adventure by trekking, Sky diving, or Marshalling at Formula 1 tracks. You may stalk her @doctabu (IG) or say hello @tabu.inamdar (FB)

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