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No Freddy Kruger this Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, don’t fear hormonal horrors with the candy binge even before the little ones come ringing the doorbell and shout “Trick or Treat!”. Demystify those symptoms even before they creep in so that you have a little less of trick and slightly more of treat this Halloween.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Mood Swings and Hot Flashes

It's only but natural for anyone to phase in and phase out with the pressures of making sure that the bowl has enough candy and if everyone’s dressed. Mood swings and hot flashes are inevitable. It is important to avoid any triggers like caffeine and even candy to worsen the transition between Dr. Jekyll and M. Hyde. Tell your family about it so they go an extra limb to make sure everything is smooth. It’s always good to remind them that it’s the hormones and not you!

Haunted Ride with Migraines, Palpitations, and Bloating

If symptoms like Migraine, Palpitations, and Bloating creep in this Halloween. Don’t stress, just make sure you take all the care that needs to be taken to avoid them coming in the first place. A Superberries Smoothie in the morning after half an hour of yoga is the perfect way to avoid these symptoms and kick-start your Halloween preparation for the day.

Don’t forget to toss the broomstick out this Halloween. Slay those mood swings, attain happiness with the hormones and dress up to have fun and feel festive.

Happy Halloween!

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