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Menopause and PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

PCOS and Menopause, no one likes using these two words in one sentence, but the truth of the matter is that many women not only use it but go through it as well. Most women have a common misconception that their PCOS gets cured with Menopause. Though PCOS and Menopause are related to hormones, they are not the same. When women with PCOS enter menopause, they experience the symptoms of menopause and still have some symptoms of PCOS as well.

It’s important to be well informed about PCOS, especially when you are going through it, and know what to expect as you approach menopause.

Hormones – Which one for PCOS and which one for Menopause

Women with PCOS have higher levels of male hormones, including testosterone. It also makes the body less responsive to insulin hence increasing the level of sugar in the blood. This increase in blood sugar further increases male hormone production, making the symptoms of PCOS worse. Progesterone, one of the female hormones, is at low levels in PCOS. Progesterone is essential for regulating the menstruation cycle and is essential during pregnancy.

As we age, the natural production of both estrogen and progesterone declines steadily hence making the menstrual cycle irregular, and the flow may change. Ovulation may also stop in some cases. If the menstrual cycle is absent for a year, menopause arrives.

Though both the conditions arise due to the low levels of progesterone in the blood, they both affect the body in different ways, therefore menopause does not treat PCOS. They exist with each other, and we need to deal with them diligently.

PCOS and Menopause – Since we got it, let’s manage it!

Let’s not get further dramatic, PCOS and Menopause together are not the end of the world. We can manage them together, it won’t be a cakewalk! But it isn’t impossible. Here are a few ways to manage both PCOS and Menopause, together.

Weight Management – Lose it, to keep it together!

Here are a few fitness tips.

  • Say bye to Carbs – eliminate or limit portions of refined carbohydrates like biscuits, cakes, desserts, sodas, etc.

  • Single Portions – Don’t go for ‘seconds’, and reduce portions.

  • Fiber up – Increase the fiber content by switching to multigrain bread, brown rice, and fibrous veggies like carrots, cucumbers and even drinking high fiber smoothies with Kiva Chia Seeds and Kiva Maca may also support a steady weight maintenance plan.

  • Flex it – Workout 30 minutes a day, a walk around the block will also do if it takes you 30 minutes to do so.

  • Adapt to a healthy lifestyle – Use the stairs, or park away from the main entrance of the mall to start with.

Improve your Sleep Quality

It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep with both PCOS and Menopause. However, it’s important to relax your mind before bedtime. Keep your gadgets away, and also avoid eating heavy or drinking coffee close to bedtime. Read your favorite book or take a warm bath before bedtime to soothe yourself into a good night’s sleep. Natural remedies like Calmvalera Hevert drops may also help induce sleep and help unwind, Calmvalera is a natural homeopathic remedy made in Germany and is registered through the Ministry of Health (U.A.E.), is available through pharmacies in the UAE. Ask your doctor if Calmvalera would be a good choice to help you get better sleep.

For more details, check out this article on Importance of Vitamin D in Menopause

Ease out the hot flashes

You can wear breathable clothes, keep a fan in hand, keep a cool gel pack and even avoid caffeine to manage hot flashes, however, it is important to take a supplement. A study has shown that Remifemin, a herbal supplement, may help reduce hot flashes as well as other menopause symptoms after 12 weeks of treatment.

In both cases, PCOS or Menopause, there is no cure. There is only management, and the key to successful management is having the proper knowledge and discipline. We are here to give you the knowledge of menopause and menopause-related issues, however, it is up to you to have the discipline to create your routine to manage life, kids, work, PCOS, Menopause, and a lot more efficiently and effectively.


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